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Nordic activities :dog sledding,snowshoeing,igloo

At La maison des Chazes, Nordic activities are available in the plural : skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding baptism, building an igloo ...

Dog sledding baptism

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Baptism in sled dogs is an unforgettable experience for young and old.
Discover the feeling of slipping out of the ordinary sitting on a big sled before which
8 dogs and more will be harnessed, go for a walk with our partner Jean-Luc Fournier for an hour in the massive Estables.
A special moment with dogs in a white world of the south of Auvergne.
Space and nature found.

Although this activity is not very sporty, it is not recommended for pregnant women or people with back problems.
Waterproof and warm clothing are essential to withstand the winter. Sunglasses and sunscreen rigor.
4 people maximum per sled, group rates please contact us.
Places of baptisms sled dog may vary depending on weather conditions


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At 8 km from La maison des Chazes in Meygal forests between 1200 and 1400 m altitude, beginners or experienced here can indulge in the pleasures of gliding freely in a protected nature.

The northern region of Meygal welcomes you 44 km of marked trails, and regularly maintained AC and skating.

Day Package adults : € 6.00 - Girls : € 4.70 * - junior : € 3.30 *
3 consecutive days (map) - Adult : € 17.00 - Junior : € 8.00
2 consecutive days (map) - Adult : € 11.00 € - Junior : € 6.00

 * Youth : 17 to 25 years
** Juniors : 6 to 16 years and persons with disabilities.


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the easiest way to get around in the snow remains the racket, it requires no special technique can immerse themselves peacefully in the winter mountains of the south of Auvergne.
The quiet ride that you take the time to observe the beautiful landscapes of Meygal, Estables exits more fun with many slides (culling), a whole range of opportunities to suit your desires, you choose !

Traces of fife and indices

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Snowshoeing feet, on tiptoe, enjoy a quiet in the vast expanses of snow and under the canopy of trees immaculate.
Nature seemed frozen by the cold, the snow, the ice is not quite asleep. As a real trapper in the far north, learn to recognize animal tracks and all signs of life present in this wilderness.

Build an igloo

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For special moments with your children, friends, and advice from your mountain learn how to build an igloo in the purest traditions !
Like an Inuit share this adventure with us in the far north, the time of afternoon fun and friendly. Memories for everyone !
Prices of outputs and activities half-days *
2 persons : 50.00 € / pers
3 persons : 35,00 € / pers
4 people : 27.00 € / pers
5 persons : 22.00 € / pers
6 people : 18.00 € / pers
* Subject to change depending on the weather and the shape of the group.
All outputs are provided by a certified mountain state.